In my blogs, I usually write about great (jazz) singers, and what aspiring jazz singers can learn from them.

However, the most common question simply remains: “how to sing jazz?”

That’s a bit much for just one article. But I’ll give it a try!

I do have over 25 years of experience. Not only performing, but coaching as well.

Even coaching beginners.

So I have a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t.

So I’ll give you an honest testimony of my experiences.


Obviously, you can’t learn how to sing online. Whatever they try to tell you. It’s much like yoga or fitness instruction videos, but with one major difference. There’s no way to ‘look into your mouth and throat or feel the tensions in your lungs and belly’. If it were only outside posture, online singing lessons might have worked. But it isn’t. So you need one-on-one coaching to perfect your voice technique.


How about the general lack of feedback in online courses?

First of all, there’s no telling which level you’re currently at. So the only way to ensure you won’t miss any crucial information is by covering all of vocal jazz step by step. Including music theory. That’s an awful lot to cover. So this hasn’t been done. Yet…

Secondly, most people tend to worry about the lack of feedback in online courses. Rightly so. But there’s more to it. Feedback has to be given on something you do. Simply starting to sing jazz in a one-on-one session with a jazz vocal coach, without any form of preparation is hard enough.

So, the result is that your vocal coach then has to teach you everything about vocal jazz. And you have to practice every step, come back, do your thing, and get feedback on that. That makes it a very long and pricey process.


That’s why I have made an online course that allows you to learn all about vocal jazz. It’s called Jazz Singers Academy and provides a complete online jazz vocal course. On all things vocal jazz. Singing. Improvising. Performing. Step by step. From scratch. With instruction videos. Exercise videos. Handy checklists. And assignments. It’s suited for all levels, voices and jazz styles. ±10 hours of material.

Fancy a free sample? Simply hit the button below.