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Donna Summer: how to twang (how to what?)

Are you familiar with the works and empowering thoughts of American Life Coach Tony Robbins? On Facebook he shared that he loves music. Well, so do we! He believes in using it as a tool

How to Kazoo and the art of resonance

I rented a car. Bright yellow. Quite small. But fancy. This will do to get us to our gig. But first - I park near our house, so we can easily load in our stuff.Oh,

How to sing jazz

In my blogs, I usually write about great (jazz) singers, and what aspiring jazz singers can learn from them. However, the most common question simply remains: "how do I master singing jazz?" That's likely

Silje Nergaard – how to be(come) a singer-songwriter

She’s about to perform in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, the acoustic dream for every aspiring or weathered musician. The intimacy of the small room is just perfect for her original and bewitching style. Norwegian Silje Nergaard.

Lady Gaga: how to sing with VOLUME

Did you see Five Foot Two, the Netflix documentary on Lady Gaga? We follow the blonde pop provocateur as she releases a new album, preps for her big show at the Super Bowl halftime, while

Jazz Quizzz number 7

Do you know your verses?You love singing jazz? You know what can be a real ball? Singing the verses to those endless enchanting melodies. Verses are great introductions. They can shed a whole different light