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Achoo! What can you DO?

A cold… What can you DO? Yes. It’s that time again. Chilly breezes. Falling leaves. Rain, rain, rain. And… “Achoo.” According to Amsterdam Medical Center’s scientist Fokkens, the so called Rhinovirus is bugging us. This [read more...]

How to sing jazz

In my blogs, I usually write about great (jazz) singers, and what aspiring jazz singers can learn from them. However, the most common question simply remains: "how do I master singing jazz?" That's likely [read more...]

Jazz Quizzz number 7

Do you know your verses?You love singing jazz? You know what can be a real ball? Singing the verses to those endless enchanting melodies. Verses are great introductions. They can shed a whole different light [read more...]

Shirley Horn: how to take it slow

To many jazz lovers, Shirley Horn is the empress of the slow ballads. Her tempi are always way beneath your heartbeat. She’s the goddess of the conversational style and one of my heroines. And [read more...]

Sheila Jordan: how to improvise

Sheila Jordan, the Jazz Child, “the Singer with the Million Dollar Ears” – whose impressive mentor and friend was the tremendous Charlie Parker, is now 87 and is still performing today! You can just [read more...]

Peggy Lee: how to sing cool

Singer Peggy Lee was the inspiration for Miss Piggy. Yes, that Muppet Show’s stylish, self-assured pink blonde with a deep sense of romance. How many of us can bow to that kind of praise? Her [read more...]

Natalie Cole: how to shine!

Don’t you just love getting caught under the spell of the always energetic, glowing and sparkling Natalie Cole. She used to sing R&B, and later found herself in the devoted arms of a global [read more...]

Nancy Wilson: how to sing dynamic

Nancy Wilson enters the stage, graciously walks towards the microphone stand and starts the first lines of The Very Thought of You…: “I don’t need your photograph” – then, almost immediately – she captures [read more...]

Louis Armstrong: how to study

Do you also find yourself glued behind a computer? Way too often? Just checkin’ mails. Just following the news. Just getting lured into the next scandal about Brad & Angelina, the next brave dog saving [read more...]

Kurt Elling – how to stay in tune

I saw him at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam – he wore very casual mustard yellow pants, and I remember thinking: ‘remarkable choice for a performer’ – when he impressed me deeply with his a capella [read more...]

Jazz quiz for singers 6

Just got back from Rome. Rome, ti voglio bene! Mi mancaaaa! To change the mood I’m in – here’s another chance to do something useful; check your knowledge of jazz singers and jazzzz in [read more...]

Jazz quiz for singers 5

Blue notes, perfect pitch, a prima vista? Throw in some of these expressions at your next date. Knowable stuff. Impressive too. See if you know all the answers to this challenging quiz?1. The tonic of [read more...]

Jazz quiz for singers 4

Vamps? Changes? Double time feel? There‘s always a lot of bewilderment when it comes to the jazz musicians’ jargon. Take this quizzzzzz to end the turmoil for once and for all! 1. When singers [read more...]

Jazz quiz for singers 3

1. How do jazz singers count in? A. One – two, you know what to do B. My pianist always counts in C. Of course, I can count, I don’t have to prove it [read more...]

Jazz quiz for singers 2

I loved your responses to my first ever jazzzzz quizzzz for singers and I got asked to do an ‘encore’ (all singers love to be asked for encores). So here’s another extremely challenging and [read more...]

Jazz quiz for singers 1

Every now and then you just feel that need to check up on your knowledge, don’t you agree? Indulge! 1. What tool should all singers bring to an outdoor performance? A. Umbrella B. Hairdryer [read more...]

How To Perform – Let There Be You!

I’m performing with a large orchestra in the famous Kurhaus in Scheveningen. It’s a packed house, I’m dressed in red and about to sing Cole Porter’s Night And Day. Nothing to worry about. Only one [read more...]