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Nina Simone – How to sing with soul

Nina Simone once said: “It’s an artist’s duty to reflect the times. How can you be an artist [...]

Annie Ross – how to find your key

There are first times for everything. And this is our very first gig - through a family [...]

Kristin Chenoweth – How to convince your audience

The first time you see Kristin Chenoweth perform ‘Apartment 14G’, it’s hard to grasp. All that power [...]

Tuck & Patti – how to find great musicians to work with

Well, hello. Timing is everything, they say. With the radiant jazz couple Tuck & Patti that really [...]

Tony Bennett – How to talk to your audience

I’m performing in one of Rome’s cutest jazz clubs in the lovely area Monti, as I find [...]

Stacey Kent: how to interpret your lyrics

I’m at a party, being called upon to ‘sing us a song’ by a group of Aussies, [...]

Shirley Horn: how to take it slow

To many jazz lovers, Shirley Horn is the empress of the slow ballads. Her tempi are always [...]

Sheila Jordan: how to improvise

Sheila Jordan, the Jazz Child, “the Singer with the Million Dollar Ears” – whose impressive mentor and [...]

Sarah Vaughan: how to sing pre-e-e-e-tty

Whenever I listen to Sarah Vaughan, I find myself ‘hooked’ to her enormous palette of vocal colors and [...]

Rebecca Parris – how to tell your story

I’m a lucky so and so, Rebecca Parris is in town! She’s performing in one of the cutest [...]

Peggy Lee: how to sing cool

Singer Peggy Lee was the inspiration for Miss Piggy. Yes, that Muppet Show’s stylish, self-assured pink blonde with [...]

Natalie Cole: how to shine!

Don’t you just love getting caught under the spell of the always energetic, glowing and sparkling Natalie [...]

Nancy Wilson: how to sing dynamic

Nancy Wilson enters the stage, graciously walks towards the microphone stand and starts the first lines of [...]

Louis Armstrong: how to study

Do you also find yourself glued behind a computer? Way too often? Just checkin’ mails. Just following the [...]

Kurt Elling – how to stay in tune

I saw him at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam – he wore very casual mustard yellow pants, and [...]

Johnny Hartman – how to sing with ease

I’m listening to They Say It’s Wonderful by the hypnotizing Johnny Hartman. It’s late at night. The [...]

Jazz quiz for singers 6

Just got back from Rome. Rome, ti voglio bene! Mi mancaaaa! To change the mood I’m in [...]

Jazz quiz for singers 5

Blue notes, perfect pitch, a prima vista? Throw in some of these terms at your next date. [...]

Jazz quiz for singers 4

Vamps? Changes? Double time feel? There‘s always a lot of bewilderment when it comes to the jazz [...]

Jazz quiz for singers 3

1. How do jazz singers count in? A. One – two, you know what to do B. [...]

Jazz quiz for singers 2

I loved your responses to my first ever jazzzzz quizzzz for singers and I got asked to [...]

Jazz quiz for singers 1

Every now and then you just feel that need to check up on your knowledge, don’t you [...]

How To Perform – Let There Be You!

I’m performing with a large orchestra in the famous Kurhaus in Scheveningen. It’s a packed house, I’m dressed [...]

How to handle a cold that comes with a sore throat

Achoo! There are quite a lot of things in this world we singers can handle. We can handle [...]

How to breathe yourself into peak performance

After I climbed the narrow Amsterdam stairs to the third floor, I have to take off my shoes. [...]

How to be a singer: 12 skills you need

open for download I had a dream. I wanted to be a singer. I didn’t tell a single [...]

How to be a perfect singer!

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Can I come visit at an unearthly hour and find a spotless [...]

Greetje Kauffeld: how to phrase

Ever watched Dutch singer Greetje Kauffeld sing The Hungry Years? To me, it’s the live performance of a [...]

Frank Sinatra & Ella Fitzgerald – how to perform

If you want to fall in love, if you want to totally and utterly get inspired by two [...]

Ella Fitzgerald: how to master your breathing skills

Ella, to me, is the most complete jazz singer in the world. Still. All her records draw [...]

Doris Day: how to find your style

Doris Day, the girl next door, the animal lover, the multi-talented blonde American beauty, singer, actress, TV host; [...]

Doris Day: how to capture your audience

You may have read my blog on Doris Day, the beautiful blonde, who got all the talents in [...]

Donna Summer: how to twang (how to what?)

Are you familiar with the works and empowering thoughts of American Life Coach Tony Robbins? On Facebook [...]

Dianne Reeves: how to expand your vocal style

Dianne Reeves to me is not only one of the world’s most impressive singers, she is also a [...]

Diana Krall: how to play the piano and sing

I’m six years old and in comes a brown upright piano. Immediately, I’m drawn to the black [...]

Deborah Brown: how to get a flexible voice

How I love listening to Deborah Brown! She’s soooo on top of her game. She, to me, [...]

Chet Baker – how to take it easy

It’s autumn. Falling leaves. Gloomy Sundays. Stormy weather. Whenever you feel the need for comfort and soothing [...]

Cassandra Wilson: how to sing low

When I first heard Cassandra Wilson sing, it sure broke my patterns of expectation. All of a [...]

Carmen McRae – how to time

I have a confession to make. If there is one singer that I have a so-called acquired taste [...]

But Grandmother, what big EARS you have.

As singers, we don’t have keys, strings or buttons to produce a tone. We have to hear the [...]

Billie Holiday : how to choose the right songs

Billie Holiday, or Lady Day, as she was lovingly called by her fellow musicians, is an icon. [...]

Betty Carter: how to sound original

I’m in Montreux with my friends, singers Clare Foster and Twana Rhodes – we’re touring in Switzerland [...]

Bette Midler: how to WOW your audience

I’m 26 and I love to sing, but I feel a bit uncertain about talking to my [...]

Anita O’Day: how to phrase like a queen

Anita O’Day is one of the coolest jazz singers I know. She has a way with rhythm [...]

Al Jarreau: the acrobat of scat – How To Scat!

“Does anyone want to go waltzing in the garden?” Yes, please. Of course! Anytime. Even at 8:30 [...]

Abbey Lincoln: how to write your own song.

When I first heard Abbey Lincoln, I was shocked. I was 17, schooled in classical singing, thinking [...]