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Menu with access to the courses

It’s always on the top of the page. On mobile devices just tap the ‘hamburger menu’ icon (three horizontal bars on the upper right). If you tap a chapter you’ll be brought to that chapter. Logic! You need to tap the arrows to the right of certain chapters to reveal their subchapters.

Free members

If you’re a free member you ‘only’ have access to the “Toolbox”.


If anything’s unclear, missing or not working properly, just mail me.

Mail Ilse


Some videos feature a “Songbird online” sign. It’s the name of my early online program that developed into Jazz Singers Academy. Just so you know!

Free member looking to upgrade?


You’ll have unlimited access to everything you need to sing jazz with confidence & ease!

3 online courses

How to sing jazz” – step-by-step guide to singing jazz with ease,

How to perform” – step-by-step guide to performing with confidence; and

How to improvise” – step-by-step guide to improvising even by ear.

2 online training programs

Sing-along exercises” – 150 sing-along exercises to boost all vocal jazz skills (bonus: files of every exercise for the popular iRealPro app (iOS & Android) – to practice with a simulated band in any tempo, key or feel); and

15 blues impros” – get a feel and an ear for jazz blues.

And you’ll keep unlimited access to the Daily Routine, Theory Guide & 50 standards.

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