How to be a singer: 12 skills you need

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I had a dream.
I wanted to be a singer.
I didn’t tell a single soul.

At seventeen, after school – the Canisius College in Nijmegen – on a beautiful spring day while comfortably leaning against a fence, I confessed my wish to my friend Alice in a rare moment of truthfulness. She didn’t even blink at my confession, but she knew a guy who was a vocal coach and told me to give him a ring.

I almost died, but I did make that call. Jack asked me to come to his studio for a first meeting. I thought we were just going to talk. Instead, he invited me to sing. I nearly fainted.

In total embarrassment, I whispered a few song lines.

Thankfully, after one year I had booked quite some progress and Jack encouraged me in a way that I’ll never forget: “Why don’t you become a singer?”

If you find yourself dreaming about the same magical thing and if you are asking yourself what skills you need to be a (professional) singer, here is a list of qualities that come in handy for you.

I hope this list helps you to shed some lights on the talents you need to have or ones that you might want to develop when you want to be a (professional) singer. Enjoy the ride!

With love,
Ilse Huizinga

About the Author:

Dutch jazz singer Ilse Huizinga is listed as one of the 500 best jazz singers of all times. In Scott Yanow’s (Downbeat) “The Jazz Singers, the ultimate guide”. To date, she has 8 albums and over 25 years of experience performing and coaching worldwide.
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