jazz voice lessons vocal jazz course

Your guide on this trip is Ilse Huizinga. Listed in Scott Yanow’s (Downbeat) “The Jazz Singers, the ultimate guide” as one of the 500 best jazz singers of all times. With 8 albums and over 25 years of performing and coaching worldwide.

La Bella Italia! What’s not to like? Even the weather helps to make trips to Rome an unforgettable experience. Think Rome and Jazz aren’t a match? Think again. Rome is home to a number of great clubs and you will have the chance to live your dream and perform in one of them with this trip to Rome!

Four days of workshops and masterclasses preparing you for the ultimate goal: performing live in Rome! You will have plenty of time for sightseeing and shopping as well. Rest assured it will be inspirational, memorable and groundbreaking.


“Learning by Total Immersion on this Jazz Trip was like having a 1000 private lessons in 4 days! Ilse was the shirpa I needed to climb the mountain and tackle every challenge. Best. Guide. Ever!” Adriana Callas

Wanted to stay in Rome forever, the food, the sun, the taxi drivers, the musicians, the bells of St. Peter, the biking, Gianicolo, your coaching… It was a blast… !! Hellen Dankers

Bella, Bella Roma

Drop 4 women in Rome. On a mission. To sing jazz. To be inspired. Musically. Culturally. Weatherly.

What do those four days do to you?

First: you don’t want to leave. Evah.

Second: you remember every Italian, whose eyes grew hazy upon meeting my charming students, who just happen to be fluent in Italian. Handy!

Third: you hold on to that carefree dynamic household near the Vatican. You keep hearing the bells of the St Peter.

Fourth: you are still cycling uphill towards Villa Doria Pamphili. No gears. Doubtful breaks. But after that sweet suffering, such joy!! We discovered Fontana dell’Acqua Paola! And that VIEW!! It was like – all the gods from mount Gianicolo wanted us to see that.

Five: you’re still delighted by that creamy, gooey, yummy daily treat, be it yogurt, hazelnut or cream (ok, cream…that was a mistake)

Six: you just loooove the talented and fun Roman musicians you played with.

Seven: you still feel the comfort of the Roman sun on your skin.

Eight: you still-a want-a to-a speak-a with that fantabulous accent: brava, ezzzaaaaato!

Nine: you miss coaching your ragazze, the total immersion and dedication to jazzzz singing. “It was like having a 1000 private lessons in 4 days,” Adriane said.

Ten: you plan a new trip – because Rome is the sweetest addiction on earth!

I hope to welcome you!

With love, Ilse


  • Intake lesson in Amsterdam, or via Skype / Facetime
  • Three nights stay with breakfast in the city center in a 2 – person room with separate beds.
  • 8 hours of workshops and masterclasses
  • Visits to jam sessions / Open Mic Nights under Ilse’s guidance, or participation in concerts as a guest of Ilse’s.


  • Travel expenses (tickets). This way you have the option to stay longer, or travel ahead. And perhaps you want to go by train or car, or use your Airmiles?
  • Lunch and dinners. This way you can eat according to your preference and budget. However, we often end up eating together.
  • Entrance fees for clubs.
  • A room of your own. If you want one, let Ilse know and she’ll see what see can do for you. There will be additional costs for a single room.


As soon as the trip is final, Ilse will provide data about the best flights and times. You book your own ticket allowing you to add days to the trip. Most of the time we travel together. The earlier you book a ticket, the cheaper they are!


We stay at a hotel or apartment in the city center. Lessons take place in a studio or at the apartment.


Mornings are for lessons, afternoons for leisure and nights for performances or shows. If it’s still too scary for you to perform, you can always choose not to.


1. Your registration is definitive when you paid through the link on this site, or by bank transfer within 7 days of your booking.

2. You travel at your risk. Jazz Singers Academy / Ilse Huizinga does not accept liability for personal injury, damage or loss of your possessions.

3. In case of cancellation, for whatever reason, there will be no reimbursement. We advise you kindly to book the right travel insurances.

4. Ilse intends to have you all sing at Open Mic Events and/or concerts. However, there can be no guarantees, due to unforeseen circumstances in relevant clubs. Ilse will do her utmost to find alternatives.

5. If the number of attendees is not sufficient, the trip will be canceled, and the full amount will be refunded.

jazz voice lessons vocal jazz course


€ 895,- including VAT

October 10 – 13, 2018

895,00I wanna go!

Jazz Singers Academy


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