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ILSE HUIZINGA – Here’s to Maya Angelou


DBCHR 75223


When American writer & poet Dr. Maya Angelou passed away in 2014, Ilse discovered her extensive work of poetry. The mood, the tone and the strength of her poems touched her deeply, and many of them seemed like natural lyrics to Ilse. Maya Angelou found the words we seek to express and depict love, loss, hope and confidence. Her poems center on themes such as racism, identity, travel and love. The power of her words are still very perceptible and relevant to all of us, it seemed to Ilse.

She began to collect the poems that resonated with her and that she felt most connected to. Within a few days, Ilse asked Erik to put Maya’s words to music for her. Maya’s relatives granted their approval after having heard the work. ‘Here’s to Maya Angelou’ is not just a tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou’s work, it’s a tribute to her philosophy as well: inspiring humanity to do better and each and every one of us to thrive.

“Amsterdam siren Ilse Huizinga perfectly seasons the sentiment and gravity of these rare songs. Virtuosity brims from this recording.”, USA

“With ms Huizinga singing beautifully and Van der Luijt’s trio swinging, this is a particularly successful “jazz and poetry” set, one that often sounds playful and celebratory. Both the power of Maya Angelou’s words and the jazz talents of Ilse Huizinga and her musicians come through well on this worthy project.” Los Angeles Jazz Scene, USA

“Passionate, compelling & hip.” Jazzism

“Beautiful, exquisite & well-balanced.”

“Versatile, attractive & beautiful vocals.” Peek-a-Boo Music Magazine, Belgium

“Colorful, expressive & intimate.” Fullmoonzine, Czech Republic

“Astonishing, electrifying & dynamic.”

Contains 12 original songs based on the following poems by Dr. Maya Angelou:

Caged bird
My life has turned to blue
Song for the old ones
The gamut
Call letters: Mrs. V. B.
Woman work
Poor girl
Here’s to adhering
Human family
Phenomenal woman
All music composed by Erik van der Luijt – Cover art by Astrid Vos – Ilse Huizinga: vocals – Erik van der Luijt: piano – Erik Robaard: bass – Joost Kesselaar: drums

The album is available through most physical and digital music stores.

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