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Ilse Huizinga is a jazz singer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and a coach to aspiring jazz singers around the world. Ilse recorded eight albums to date and is listed in “The Jazz Singers, the ultimate guide” as one of the 500 best international jazz vocalists of all times. She is the founder of Jazz Singers Academy.

Jazz Singers Academy

You’ll find all about Ilse and her activities in the menu under “Ilse”.

“I’m a singer. True. But I’m also a coach. Not only a vocal coach but a presentation coach as well. And I love writing blogs and taking pictures. So if you ask me what I am, I’d say I’m a communicator and connector. I love to communicate and connect people. And I love helping others do the same.”

Ilse Huizinga

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Ear training

& voice exercises

If you’d like to improvise, be it changing the melody or ‘scat’ solos, it’s really handy to be able to recognize the sound of chords. Here are three videos to help you!

ear training
Chord symbols - meaning, ear training and exercises for singers

Chord symbols

& how to use them

It’s really handy to be able to read chord symbols. To accompany yourself on an instrument or to learn improvisation easier. Here’s everything you need!

chord symbols
Keep singing and teaching Ilse. The jazz world needs you!

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JSA Trips

Masterclasses & performances on city trips

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