"A voice most singers can only dream of" Nouveau

Ilse was one of those little girls singing into her hairbrush in front of the mirror. Though singing had always been her passion, she fullfilled her parents wish of getting a 'proper' degree by going to the university of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).


Whilst there, she visited a local jam session and ended on stage singing her very first song in front of a 'real' audience. This inspired her to pursue her dream by going to the Amsterdam Conservatoire straight after she got her degree in public administration.

The rest is history as the saying goes. With 6 albums, soon to become 7, rave reviews, appearances on radio and television shows and an ever growing fanbase; Ilse has become a prominent Dutch jazz vocalists.


This however, might just be a little too modest. After all, Ilse is listed in "The Jazz Singers, the ultimate guide", as being one of the best 500 international jazz vocalists of all times.

"A nightingale with a golden voice" Cosmopolitan

If you're aspiring to sing jazz you should definitely check out Ilse's one of a kind online vocal jazz coaching program Vocal Jazz Academy. It has everything you need to become a (better) jazz singer yourself. Hardly any music theory, but lots of practical exercises and game changing insights instead.
If you'd prefer one-on-one vocal coaching from Ilse it's worth paying a visit to her Vocal Jazz Trip page. Here singers from The Netherlands can join Ilse on a city trip and be coached to perform in of the inspiring metropoles around the globe, such as Amsterdam, Rome, Prague and New York. Foreign singers can check when Ilse is paying a visit to their country in order to make an appointment for a private lesson.
If you've become eager to hear Ilse's voice in action, you can watch a full live tv registration at the bottom of the page. Or you can visit the albums page for purchasing information as well as an extensive compilation of her latest album 'Here's to Maya Angelou' containing 12 songs based upon the famous poems of Dr. Maya Angelou.
Ilse loves photography and photography seems to love Ilse. Though Ilse isn't an official photographer, Ilse's portraits manage to capture the very essence of her subjects. This natural talent was noticed and made Ilse a popular portrait photographer overnight. Check out her work on the Photography page.

"Like an angel descending on earth" AD (mayor Dutch Newspaper)