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A complete suite of vocal jazz courses and training programs.

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3 full online vocal jazz courses + toolbox

How to sing jazz

Would you like to sing jazz? With confidence? With ease? Here’s how.

A step-by-step guide to singing jazz with ease. With loads of instructional videos.

  • Jazz Sound – how to get that jazzy sound
  • Timing – how to rhythmically place your notes to get the desired effect
  • Variations – how to make basic variations on the melody
  • Learning a song – how to get the most out of your repertoire – every facet explained in detail
  • Technical challenges – how to overcome technical challenges
  • Improvisations – how to develop a basic feel for improvisation
  • Your style – how to develop your style to get the most out of your talents

Includes assignments.

How to perform

Would you like to perform with confidence and ease? Know what to say to the band and the audience? Here’s how.

A step-by-step guide to performing with confidence. With instruction videos.

  • Preparation – how to prepare to get carefree performances
  • Decision – which decisions to make to get carefree performances
  • Chord charts – what they should be like in order to get the best results
  • The band – how to work with a band
  • Stage fright – how to deal with stage fright
  • Key moments – the crucial moments to get right
  • Stage presence – what to do and what not to do on stage
  • Sound – how to get your desired sound from mics and sound systems
  • Jam session – how to prepare for and act on jam sessions
  • Concert – how to prepare for and act on concerts
  • Blah blah – what to say during performances
  • Reflection – how to get the most out of the aftermath

Includes assignments.

How to improvise

Would you like to be able to make variations on the melody? Or even improvise ‘scat’ solos? Here’s how.

A step-by-step guide to improvising even by ear.

Make variations on the melody or improvise ‘scat’ solos. Both are quite challenging.

But this is by far the easiest method available on the market.

All you need is the ability to read chord symbols. But it can even be done just by ear! Unique.

No scales, no complex music theory. No limits.

Includes assignments.


Would you like to keep your technique and voice in shape? To develop your musical hearing? Know more about music? And have a tried and tested basic repertoire with great chord charts? To be able to practice these songs with a simulated band in any key, tempo or feel? Here’s everything you need.

Daily routine” – basic voice exercises & techniques, a vocal jazz workout, vocal health tips and ear training

Theory guide” – about keys & scales, learn to read chord symbols, chord charts & notes;

50 standards” – for the popular iRealPro app – to practice with a simulated band in any tempo, key or feel and to use as chord charts. The iRealPro app is sold separately: available for iOS or Android mobile devices. Just go to their app stores on your mobile device.

2 online vocal jazz training programs

Sing-along exercises

Would you like to have a really flexible voice? A great pitch (accuracy of tone) and timing (rhythmic feel)? A better ear for variations on the melody and improvisations? And all that just by singing along with Ilse? So that you can’t go wrong? Here it is.

150 progressive sing-along exercises with music notation, audio examples and sing-along video.

Sing-along exercises to get a feel for improvising. And boost all vocal jazz skills. At the same time.

You get a simple melody that slowly becomes more complex. This way you get a feel for making variations on the melody as well.

And you’ll improve your pitch, timing and breathing!

Progressive exercisesfrom simple to complex using the same basehave been used in every form of education for every instrument for hundreds of years.

This is the first time they are available to jazz singers!

As a bonus, you’ll get iRealPro files of every exercise. To practice with a simulated band through the popular iRealPro app. In any key, tempo or feel!

15 blues improvisations

Would you like to be able to improvise on a blues? Or make bluesy variations on the melody? Here’s how.

Get a feel and an ear for jazz blues improvisation.

15 blues improvisations in music notation and as sing-along exercises. Created to build a strong foundation for improvising on a jazz blues.

Haunting melodies with lots of repetition. Melodic phrases that will stick. And form a base from which you can make further variations on those melodies and create your own ones.

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