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Jazz Singers Academy 1 day free


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Provided by Ilse Huizinga. A Dutch jazz singer who travels the world performing and coaching. Ilse is listed in Scott Yanow’s (Down Beat, Cadence, JazzTimes) “The Jazz Singers, the ultimate guide”. As one of the 500 best jazz singers of all times.

Sheila Jordan - jazz singer

“Ilse is an absolute expert and Jazz Singers Academy highly recommended!”

Sheila Jordan


Multiple awards winning jazz vocalist. Pioneer of bebop and scat singing. Dubbed “the singer with the million dollar ears” by alto sax jazz legend Charlie Parker (“Bird”).



Jazz Singers Academy is so clear to understand and immediately implement (a great confidence boost when learning something new). Whatever I thought I already knew is now being inspired to new depths & abilities I never knew I had. Thank you, Maestra Ilse!!

Adriane Callas

“I am so excited about your course. I’ve been searching for 6 months for something like this. So truly Jazz Singers Academy is my vocal jazz answered prayer.” Anita G. Houser

“Jazz Singers Academy motivated me from the very beginning because everything is really organized and looks easy. Everything is explained clearly and always with a big smile, which transmits positivity! I am so glad I chose Jazz Singers Academy.” Imon Minor

“Superb concept! Wonderful to have all this knowledge and insight as well as the exercises available 24/7. Jazz Singers Academy is like having a vocal jazz coach helping and motivating you every step of the way, providing both structure and overview. Love the sing-along exercises!” Debora Visscher

“I love practicing with the sing-along exercises, in particular the difficult ones. They are so well structured!” Donya Martin

“Congratulations on “Jazz Singers Academy”. Splendid. After only five minutes I said to myself: YES, YES, YES this is what I need to make my singing be more and more pleasurable and give it some sort of structure. I am very impressed!” Adriaan Smeekes

“Jazz Singers Academy is simply wonderful! A great tool to grow as a jazz singer! Love Ilse’s delightful passion and catchy enthusiasm.” Monique Rappa

“Such a pleasure to follow Jazz Singers Academy in my own time, in my own home, in my own tempo. It’s beautiful that Jazz Singers Academy supports that all singers are different – Ilse offers many different suggestions, just pick the one that suits you. That’s just great for an online course!” Carla van der Kroef

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