Betty Carter: how to sound original


I’m in Montreux with my friends, singers Clare Foster and Twana Rhodes - we’re touring in Switzerland with our colorful close harmony act. As we stroll over one of the afternoon’s sunny plaza’s, all [...]

Anita O’Day: how to phrase like a queen


Anita O’Day is one of the coolest jazz singers I know. She has a way with rhythm that is so spectacular and so highly personal. You’ll immediately recognize her style and playfulness. She bends, [...]

Carmen McRae – how to time


I have a confession to make. If there is one singer that I have a so-called acquired taste for, it would have to be Carmen McRae. You love her or you hate her. Her [...]

Peggy Lee: how to sing cool


Singer Peggy Lee was the inspiration for Miss Piggy. Yes, that Muppet Show’s stylish, self-assured pink blonde with a deep sense of romance. How many of us can bow to that kind of praise? [...]

Abbey Lincoln: how to write your own song.


When I first heard Abbey Lincoln, I was shocked. I was 17, schooled in classical singing, thinking I could tell right from wrong. And in comes this strong, natural, sometimes shaky voice. What the [...]