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Jazzzzzz quizzzz for singers – part 6

Just got back from Rome. Rome, ti voglio bene! Mi mancaaaa! To change the mood I’m in - here’s another chance to do something useful; check your knowledge of jazz singers and jazzzz in [...]


Jazz Quizzzzz for singers – part 5

Blue notes, perfect pitch, a prima vista? Throw in some of these terms at your next date. Knowable stuff. Impressive too. See if you know all the answers to this challenging quiz? The tonic [...]


Jazz quizzzzz for singers – part 4

Vamps? Changes? Double time feel? There‘s always a lot of bewilderment when it comes to the jazz musicians’ jargon. Take this quizzzzzz to end the turmoil for once and for all! 1. When singers [...]


Anita O’Day: how to phrase like a queen

Anita O’Day is one of the coolest jazz singers I know. She has a way with rhythm that is so spectacular and so highly personal. You’ll immediately recognize her style and playfulness. She [...]


Sheila Jordan: how to improvise

Sheila Jordan, the Jazz Child, “the Singer with the Million Dollar Ears” - whose impressive mentor and friend was the tremendous Charlie Parker, is now 87 and is still performing today! [...]


How To Perform – Let There Be You!

I’m performing with a large orchestra in the famous Kurhaus in Scheveningen. It’s a packed house, I’m dressed in red and about to sing Cole Porter’s Night And Day. Nothing to worry about. Only one [...]


Betty Carter: how to sound original

I’m in Montreux with my friends, singers Clare Foster and Twana Rhodes - we’re touring in Switzerland with our colorful close harmony act. As we stroll over one of the afternoon’s sunny plaza’s, all [...]


Carmen McRae – how to time

I have a confession to make. If there is one singer that I have a so-called acquired taste for, it would have to be Carmen McRae. You love her or you hate her. Her [...]


Peggy Lee: how to sing cool

Singer Peggy Lee was the inspiration for Miss Piggy. Yes, that Muppet Show’s stylish, self-assured pink blonde with a deep sense of romance. How many of us can bow to that kind of praise? [...]


Abbey Lincoln: how to write your own song.

When I first heard Abbey Lincoln, I was shocked. I was 17, schooled in classical singing, thinking I could tell right from wrong. And in comes this strong, natural, sometimes shaky voice. What the [...]


Shirley Horn: how to take it slow

To many jazz lovers, Shirley Horn is the empress of the slow ballads. Her tempi are always way beneath your heartbeat. She’s the goddess of the conversational style and one of my heroines. And [...]


Sarah Vaughan: how to sing pre-e-e-e-tty

Whenever I listen to Sarah Vaughan, I find myself ‘hooked’ to her enormous palette of vocal colors and her ingenious harmonic variations. One of my all time favorites by the divine Miss Vaughan, is [...]


Doris Day: how to find your style

Doris Day, the girl next door, the animal lover, the multi-talented blonde American beauty, singer, actress, TV host; you wouldn’t mind your father running off with her. How I love the way she comforts us [...]


Nancy Wilson: how to sing dynamic.

Nancy Wilson enters the stage, graciously walks towards the microphone stand and starts the first lines of The Very Thought of You…: “I don’t need your photograph” - then, almost immediately - she captures me [...]


Doris Day: how to capture your audience

You may have read my blog on Doris Day, the beautiful blonde, who got all the talents in the world. Okay, many. And of course, talent is just a beginning. You have to DO something [...]


How to be a singer: 12 skills you need.

I had a dream. I wanted to be a singer. I didn’t tell a single soul. At seventeen, after school - the Canisius College in Nijmegen - on a beautiful spring day while comfortably [...]


Louis Armstrong: how to study.

Do you also find yourself glued behind a computer? Way too often? Just checkin’ mails. Just following the news. Just getting lured into the next scandal about Brad & Angelina, the next brave dog [...]


Greetje Kauffeld: how to phrase.

Ever watched Dutch singer Greetje Kauffeld sing The Hungry Years? To me, it’s the live performance of a lifetime. She’s being accompanied by the sublime Metropole Orchestra in the famous Amsterdam Carre, in 2007. (You [...]


Chet Baker – how to take it easy

It’s autumn. Falling leaves. Gloomy Sundays. Stormy weather. Whenever you feel the need for comfort and soothing sounds, put on Chet Baker. Although you might run the risk of extending your dark mood. But [...]


How to be a perfect singer!

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Can I come visit at an unearthly hour and find a spotless place? Do you always do the dishes right after dinner, or do you often walk into [...]


Jazzzzz quiz for singers 2

I loved your responses to my first ever jazzzzz quizzzz for singers and I got asked to do an ‘encore’ (all singers love to be asked for encores). So here’s another extremely challenging and rewarding [...]


Kurt Elling – how to stay in tune

I saw him at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam - he wore very casual mustard yellow pants, and I remember thinking: ‘remarkable choice for a performer’ - when he impressed me deeply with his a [...]


Johnny Hartman – how to sing with ease

I’m listening to They Say It’s Wonderful by the hypnotizing Johnny Hartman. It’s late at night. The sounds linger through the air and curl around my back. How I love that lush, velvety sound. [...]


Natalie Cole: how to shine!

Don’t you just love getting caught under the spell of the always energetic, glowing and sparkling Natalie Cole. She used to sing R&B, and later found herself in the devoted arms of a global [...]


Cassandra Wilson: how to sing looooooow

When I first heard Cassandra Wilson sing, it sure broke my patterns of expectation. All of a sudden I found myself in a cascade of sounds so dramatic, dark and deep, I nearly drowned. [...]

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