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Jazz Singers Academy

Want to sing jazz with confidence?

Here’s method to the madness.
Sheila Jordan - jazz singer

“Ilse is an absolute expert and Jazz Singers Academy highly recommended!”

Sheila Jordan


Learn to sing jazz with confidence & ease.

Nothing beats one-on-one coaching. For jazz voice technique and feedback.

So why an online program like Jazz Singers Academy?

For all those other things. Where online is easier, faster and better.

What’s the quickest way to gain knowledge? Through a structured guide.

What’s the quickest way to develop skills? Through an exercise program.

What’s Jazz singers Academy? An online vocal jazz guide & training program.

Get your reward!

There’s loads of free stuff on the internet. But singing jazz with confidence and ease depends on a gazillion small things. Things not ‘sexy’ enough for YouTube. Like good charts for the band. Counting in properly. Remembering lyrics. Managing stage fright.

I could go on for hours. I do. In Jazz Singers Academy.

Once you’re aware of these things and know how to tackle them they won’t be the ‘mysterious forces holding you back’.

You won’t find complete structured guides for free.

Nor will you find free training programs with progressive sing-along exercises lying around. While every instrument has them to boost all crucial skills, there are none for jazz voice. Until now. Because I decided to develop them myself.

So if it’s priceless experiences singing jazz you’re after, only looking for free can be pricey.

Truth is… I still buy new books on vocal jazz, follow online and ‘offline’ courses on new vocal methods, presentation or perifial things like body language. Invest – in every meaning of the word – and you’ll be rewarded!

Expert guidance

Never get lost. With clear structured guides on every vocal jazz topic. The easiest way to quickly find your way.


15+ hours of Ilse’s structured expert instructions for the price of one.


Study & practice whenever wherever.

Sing-along exercises

Tailor-made sing-along exercises to boost all vocal jazz skills.


Whether it’s jazz standards, Bossa Nova’s, Bebop, Dixieland or modern jazz that you prefer; Jazz Singers Academy has everything you need. You chose, according to your taste.

I have been coaching singers for over … ahem… 25 years – and there are no definitive levels in my opinion. How do you distinguish exactly? What is a great singer? What is a starting singer?

We all know people who have a beautiful voice but may be messy with their timing or pitch. Or we know great singers, who sing the same variations over and over again.

Thing is, you’re only as strong as your weakest links allow you to be.

Finding them and knowing how to make them stronger puts you on the fast track to singing jazz with confidence and ease. Both are easy with Jazz Singers Academy.

JSA is so clear to understand and immediately implement (a great confidence boost when learning something new). Whatever I thought I already knew is now being inspired to new depths & abilities I never knew I had. Thank you, Maestra Ilse!!

Adriane Callas
JSA member

My online Jazz Singers Academy has everything you need. With hundreds of videos. As well as audio, pictures and text. Whatever delivers the information best.
I know a lot. Not all. So I teamed up with pianist/composer Erik van der Luijt. You’ll profit from his musical insight as well.
Navigating through the chapters is easy peasy. Even on smartphones. Clear. Fast. Easy. Just click the + in the bottom right corner. Clicking chapters is useless unless you’re a JSA-member though…
You’ll get the best possible support. Just mail me if you have any question.

With love,

Ilse Huizinga

LEARN TO SING JAZZ, online jazz vocal course, learn to sing jazz, how to, lessons, voice, jazz voice, program, JAZZ SINGERS ACADEMY, Ilse Huizinga

Ilse Huizinga is a renowned jazz singer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and a coach to aspiring jazz singers around the world. Not just online. She actually travels the world most of her time. Ilse recorded eight albums to date and is listed in “The Jazz Singers, the ultimate guide” as one of the 500 best jazz singers of all times.

What you’ll get

I’d recommend additional one-on-one vocal coaching for voice technique and feedback. But that’s it. Everything else you can learn right here @ Jazz Singers Academy. It’s a complete online vocal jazz program.

  • How to get that jazz sound & feel

  • How to get the most out of your repertoire

  • How to overcome technical challenges

  • How to develop your style

  • How to prepare to get carefree performances

  • How to communicate with a band

  • How to communicate with an audience

  • How to deal with stage fright

  • How to get your sound from mics

  • How to make variations on the melody

  • How to improvise scat solos

  • How to get the most out of your talents


With the risk of sounding like a TV-commercial on a shopping channel: “but wait, there’s more!” Jazz Singers Academy is complete. It has to be. Confidence comes from knowing what to do, how and why. Bliss!

  • A daily routine with essential voice and ear voice training

  • A complete & practical music theory guide

  • 50 tried & tested charts of popular jazz standards for the popular iRealPro* app

  • 150 progressive sing-along exercises with instructions, music notation, audio examples and sing-along videos

  • iRealPro* files of every sing-along exercise

  • BONUS: 15 blues impros to get a feel and an ear for jazz blues improvisation.

* iRealPro is an app for iOS & Android. With it, you can view, edit or make great chord charts. And play them. You’ll have a great simulated band to practice with. In any key, tempo or feel. Tons of charts can be downloaded for free via their forum as well.

Get unlimited online access to Jazz Singers Academy for just €125 ($149) including VAT. Simply hit the “ADD TO CART” button below!

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Anita G. Houser

By Anita G. Houser

I am so excited about Jazz Singers Academy. I’ve been searching for 6 months for something like this….So truly it is my vocal jazz answered prayer.

Monique Rappa

By Monique Rappa

Simply wonderful! Great tool to grow as a jazz singer! Filled with Ilse’s delightful passion and catchy enthusiasm. Love it!

Carla van der Kroef

By Carla van der Kroef

Such a pleasure to follow these courses in my own time, in my own home, in my own tempo. It’s beautiful that Ilse offers many different suggestions, just pick the one that suits you!

Eleni Tzatzimaki

By Eleni Tzatzimaki

Thank you – from the bottom of my heart – for your highly personal approach!

Ursula Jager

By Ursula Jager

Singing jazz no longer feels like climbing the Himalaya. Jazz Singers Academy has given me the confidence I can do it!

Adriaan Smeekes

By Adriaan Smeekes

Congratulations on your courses. Splendid. YES, YES, YES this is what I need to make my singing be more and more pleasurable and give it some sort of structure. I am very impressed!

Ingrid Alcalde

By Ingrid Alcalde

Jazz Singers Academy motivated me from the very beginning because everything is really organized, looks easy, is explained clearly and always with a big smile, which transmits positivity! I am so glad I became a member.

Diewertje de Niet

By Diewertje de Niet

I’m overjoyed with these courses. Best gift I ever gave myself!!!

Get unlimited online access to Jazz Singers Academy for just €125 ($149) including VAT. Simply hit the “ADD TO CART” button below!

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